Have you had your child’s asthma inhaler technique checked recently?

Did you know that up to 90 per cent of people with asthma do not use their inhaler the right way?

This means that many people are not getting the most out of their medicines as they could be, and their asthma may not be as well controlled.

Your pharmacist can demonstrate other products such as ‘spacers’ and ‘face masks’ which make inhalers more effective and easier to use.

If you take regular medicine to control your asthma, it is important to let your pharmacist know if you are taking other medicines, including non-prescription medicines, as some medicines can aggravate asthma and bring on an asthma attack.

When you come to the pharmacy to buy reliever inhalers, the pharmacist might check if you (or your child) is on a preventer and how often they have been using a reliever.

This is so the pharmacist can assess whether you are managing your asthma well, or whether you may need to see your doctor.

Your pharmacist can advise you on the best times to use your medicine, as well as how to avoid potential side effects.

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