Diabetes MedsCheck

Diabetes sufferers can get help to maximise the benefits they get from their medicines and equipment by having a Diabetes Medscheck through their local community pharmacy. The service is a one-on-one consultation with your pharmacist designed to give you a better understanding of your medicines, and also for the pharmacist to check that that your medicines and equipment are working properly and effectively for you.

People suffering from diabetes have an opportunity through their community pharmacy to enhance their medicines’ use and reduce side effects.

This can be achieved through a Diabetes Medscheck which is an in-pharmacy service that aims to enhance quality use of medicines for patients with diabetes and reduce the number of adverse drug events experienced by users of medication.

The medication use review focuses on education and self-management, and aims to identify – and fix – problems that you may be experiencing with your medicines or the management of your diabetes.

The Diabetes MedsCheck is targeted at patients who are unable to gain timely access to other diabetes education or health services in their community.

It is designed to optimise your effective use of medicine through improving understanding of, and compliance with, your diabetes medication therapy; improve your effective use of blood glucose monitoring devices through training and education; improve blood glucose control; and reduce the risk of you developing complications associated with type 2 diabetes.

Make sure to ask your pharmacist if you are eligible.

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