TeleHealth Service

The rapid growth of technology and innovation in communication has meant more and more pharmacies are providing telehealth services. This means that through the use of technology, patients are able to get advice on medication management as well as remotely accessing the many other professionals services offered by the pharmacy.

Telehealth services provided through community pharmacies mean rural and remote patients are now more easily able to access their community pharmacists.

Pharmacies participating in telehealth services often do so in collaboration with other health professionals so the patient has access to a holistic health service.

The term telehealth encompasses anything from telephone consultations with a patient through to online medicine and professional service advice.

Another use of telehealth is providing remote video consultations involving a patient and a team of health care professionals in multiple locations.

Pharmacies participating in telehealth services usually tailor the services according to the needs of the communities they serve so every telehealth service tends to be unique in its own right.

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