Absence from Work Certificates

Many community pharmacies now provide absence from work certificates. This means your local pharmacist can help when you or someone you care for requires proof of a legitimate absence from work.

Under the Fair Work Act 2009, pharmacists have authority to issue Absence from Work Certificates to people covered by the Act as proof of legitimate absence from work. They cannot be provided for absences relating to pregnancy or compassionate leave.

Absence from Work Certificates can be provided by your pharmacist to verify:

  • Absences from work due to illness or injury (personal leave), or
  • Absences due to illness or injury to a member of the employee’s immediate family or household (carer’s leave).

Absence from Work Certificates are issued at the pharmacists’ discretion at pharmacies which offer this service. Pharmacists can only issue certificates for conditions that are within their scope of practice; such as minor ailments. If your illness or injury is outside a pharmacist’s ability to assess, they will refer you to a doctor or other relevant healthcare professional.

Absence from Work Certificates can be issued for short periods of leave and cannot be backdated. You may be asked for a form of identification (ID). If you need an Absence from Work Certificate for a carer the person who is ill must be present.

Consultations for an Absence from Work Certificate are conducted in store by an experienced pharmacist and can vary in length. If you require this service it is recommended to call your local pharmacy first to see whether you need to make an appointment. Fees apply for this service and vary between pharmacies.

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