Vaccination Services - Influenza

Annual vaccination is an important measure to help prevent against influenza and its complications. Yearly flu vaccination is recommended for people aged 6 months and over (unless contraindicated).

The flu  is  a highly  contagious infection of the airways  affecting  people of all ages. Although it can be a mild disease, it can also cause serious illness in otherwise healthy people.

By getting vaccinated against  the flu, you can also help protect other people, especially  those  who are too sick or young to be vaccinated. The more people who are vaccinated in your community, the less likely the disease will spread.

Getting your flu shot at your community pharmacy makes good sense,  and you can be confident as pharmacists  must  undergo special training before they  can  administer flu shots.

The  National Immunisation Program (NIP)  provides free  seasonal flu  vaccines to eligible babies, young children,  teenagers  and older Australians, along with those  who  have a particular medical condition.  If you’re not eligible for  the  free  program, you can still get the vaccine from your  community  pharmacy.

Check with your community pharmacy about the vaccination services it provides.

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