Community pharmacies are changing for the better!

The services that pharmacists in Queensland can offer to patients are changing to save you valuable time and hassle. Your local Queensland community pharmacist may soon be able to offer treatment for some common everyday conditions and help you better manage your high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma right near where you live, work or play.

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The benefits for you and your family

The are a host of benefits in  community pharmacists being able to provide a broader range of services to their community. Most Australians live within 2.5km of a community pharmacy so pharmacists are close to where you are and since you most often won’t even need an appointment, you can receive timely and convenient care close to home. With pharmacists being able to take care of some of these minor type ailments, there should be more appointments available at the GP clinics and less burden on the Emergency Departments, which is great for you, GPs and for Australia’s healthcare system.

If you are unwell and think that you are suffering from one of the conditions included as part of the pilot, or are unsure what’s wrong, you may want to call or visit your community pharmacy first. A pharmacist can assess and review your symptoms and help you decide what your best option for care is, whether it’s seeing your GP, another healthcare provider, or seeking treatment from a community pharmacist participating in a Pilot.

Please note that if your condition is urgent or requires immediate care, go directly to the Emergency Department.

What extra services will be provided by qualified Queensland community pharmacists?

Here are some of the everyday health conditions, wellbeing services and chronic diseases your pharmacist can provide.

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Reflux
  • Mild skin conditions
  • Minor wound management
  • Oral health screening
  • Smoking cessation support
  • Hormonal contraception
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Asthma

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