Opioid Dependency Treatment

Community pharmacies are at the forefront of helping patients with opioid dependency treatment. Pharmacists and patients involved in Opioid Dependency Treatment (ODT) programs must follow strict protocols and the pharmacist is responsible for complying with all State and Territory regulation that governs the dispensing of the relevant pharmacotherapy in each state.

The ease of access and non-judgmental nature of community pharmacy makes it an ideal location to provide ODT programs.

The programs usually involve the controlled supply of opioid replacements such as methadone or buprenorphine.

Importantly the provision of pharmacotherapy treatments involves integration of GPs/drug treatment clinicians and community pharmacies working on a coordinated system of health care delivery.

Many people in treatment obtain information, advice, and support in their treatment at their local pharmacy.

The provision of these programs highlights the commitment of pharmacists to harm-reduction programs aimed at protecting individuals who have a dependence to opioids.

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